For these specialised products we only sell to Cafes and other Dog Friendly Venues

Welcome to the home of Canine Café & Bar Chewys


Café and bar culture is all the vibe today and so is our growing dog society.

You may have noticed that your customers are changing…Yep – they’re different. Some of your newest regulars have four legs and are particularly friendly. Modern Dog Emporium really understands that our best friend’s desire to be with family is part of their inherited nature for survival. Dog-friendly venues are already part of this movement by having the ‘welcome mat out’ for woofers.




Canine Café & Bar Chewys have been specifically made for your pooch patrons offering a healthy, plant-based, gluten free, low fat dental stick enriched with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. We designed our treats for cafes, pubs, taphouses, wineries and hotels with intention to reduce the offering of food that is not ideal for our best friend, knowing those puppy dog eyes can be hard to refuse. Stocking the best treats for your pooch patrons is an excellent conscious choice and a perfect add-on sale so everyone is happy while dining in alfresco or for take-away. To coin a phrase – “happy pooch, happy pet parent”.



We proudly network your dog-friendly venue, posting a slideshow of your eye-catching images on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, pointing our canine community to you, and tagging in associated dog-friendly travel and foodie directories via our feed. We then add your venue to MDE’s Instagram Highlights under the relevant state of location. Additionally, you are listed on our website with links to your business and social platforms. Remember to wag tag us #moderndogemporium. You can also offer your pooch patrons our loyalty card, which allows them to get a free chewy for every 8 they buy from you, find out more about our chewy loyalty card.



Canine Café and Bar Chewys are one of the most sought-after healthy dental dog treats in the country. To let your customers know that you carry our trusted brand we have a “Paw Print Stamp of Approval – Dog Friendly Venue” sign with our unique icon making sure wonderful well-mannered on-leash woofers know they are welcome at your venue!



Canine Café and Bar Chewys are proudly Australian-made and owned, ethically sourced and produced, carrying the trusted Modern Dog Emporium name that is known and loved by pet parents and our customers alike…the love is mutual. We take pride in our customer service and love collaborating to bring the best products and vibe to these very important connection hubs in our community.

❤  Jaclyn, Peppe and the Modern Dog Emporium Team x