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Founder of Modern Dog Emporium stalking bulldog on dance floor (LOL)

Founder of Modern Dog Emporium stalking bulldog on dance floor (LOL)

Posted on Apr 29, 2020

Hey guys

Thanks again for being part of our shoot at the 7th Day Brewery.

Here is the ‘behind the scenes’ of our dancing to The George Wilson Blues 🙂

The back story is George along with his wonderful Mummy, Jai Wilson works with palliative care patients and brings a lot of extra love at a time when nurturing is of the highest importance. They visit palliative care units, RPA and Port Kembla and have had media attention due to their special work.

I asked our friend Pete Lanzon (CUPP Half Full Band) if he could write some words for George to the tune of  ‘you ain’t nothing but a hound dog’ which he kindly did depicting George’s cool and loving style and it was awesome that he played it on the day for the pooches and their pet parents to have a bit of a jig to.

George and Jai were going to attend the shoot but George was called to do a sleepover at a dear patient’s bedside as a last request. George is also deaf but I’m sure he would have appreciated seeing us all grooving to his song.


If you wish to follow George on IG / FB go to:



Of course, business has changed for Modern Dog Emporium so to adapt to the current situation with COVID-19 and the change in operations to dog-friendly venues, we are also selling our chewys direct for a limited time only. When venues are back to normal operations, we will post the videos of both Hotel Hound Stix and Canine Café Chewys (which was shot at the Sandy Bear Clontarf). 

Please enjoy and may it bring a smile to your faces during this challenging time we are all going through.

Stay well and please feel free to call me or reply with any questions or comments and thank you again. Everyone was absolutely awesome.

Pats to your woofers and hugs to you

Regards Jaclyn


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