About us

About us

A word from Peppe and Lola, the proud ambassadors of Modern Dog Emporium…

Hey Pals, we’re so excited to tell you about Canine Café Chewys, a super delicious treat, now available in cool cafés near you.

Canine Café Chewys are made just for us, very yummy and are also great for our teeth, now this means fewer visits to the vet dentist so we are giving this treat our paw print stamp of approval.

We love café life and enjoy time together with our pet parents so paws up to our friendly café owners for supporting their canine clientele.

A chewy loyalty card is offered to cafés, where you receive a free treat for every 8 purchased

The team at Modern Dog Emporium are bringing other specialised products to you in the near future, so keep your ears pricked!

Peppe and Lola