For these specialised products we only sell to Cafes and other Dog Friendly Venues

Canine Café & Bar Chewys Loyalty Card

Canine Café & Bar Chewys Loyalty Card is for dog-friendly venues stocking Canine Café & Bar Chewys for their Pooch Patrons!

Peeps and pooches, our fellow lovers of coffee and treats, we are delighted to let you know that Modern Dog Emporium offers dog-friendly venues the first-ever treat loyalty card in Australia to reward your patronage when purchasing Canine Café & Bar Chewys. With the popularity of our Canine Café & Bar Chewys, we realised it was fitting to offer a loyalty treat card especially for our wonderful woofers through our stockists.

Our loyalty card system is an excellent option for our stockists to opt into. Every order of Canine Café & Bar Chewys has 27 treats (24 pieces plus 3 free). Venues can wish to participate and pass on the reward to their canine customers through the loyalty card system or in the case that this is not practical; they can simply add the 3 free chewys received every order to their stock.

Our Canine Café & Bar Chewys’ Loyalty Card is available for all venue operators: cafes, bars, breweries, wineries, pubs, hotels and motels that carry our treats. Sharing the love and offering the loyalty card by rewarding loyal patronage is a win/ win for everyone. The treat loyalty card is perfect to attach to the human’s coffee loyalty card and encourages repeat business.

Innovation, fun, and a great talk and bark about for your customers, synonymous with engaging loyalty and customer relations for two and four-legged visitors to dog-friendly venues. When we say the word loyal, the first thing that comes to mind is dogs. Our wonderful woofers are aptly called our best friends. Let’s treat them like Fluffy, a regular at Fresco’s Café hanging out with his family at their favourite local. “Coffee for me and a chewy for my best friend, please”.

Canine Café & Bar Chewys Loyalty Card Offer


Canine Cafe & Bar Chewys Loyalty Card

About Canine Café & Bar Chewys

Canine Café & Bar Chewys are a healthy treat specifically made for dogs. Our chewys are plant-based, gluten-free, low-fat dental sticks enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. A treat that gives pet parents peace of mind knowing their best friend is having something nutritious as well as beneficial for their teeth while they enjoy dishes off the menu. Now everyone’s happy.

We formulated our treats so no one misses out particularly those woofers with food intolerances, sensitive stomachs and weight issues. We know it’s hard to ignore those ‘puppy dog’ eyes and our aim is to reduce the likelihood of dogs being offered bacon, croissants and other foods that can be harmful to their digestive system. Our purpose is that dog-friendly venues have healthy treats that doggos can enjoy and benefit from.

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Dear Venue Operators – Every Canine Café & Bar Chewys order has 27 treats (24 pieces plus 3 free). The Loyalty Card System is optional. – We would love to hear from you so get in touch and we can help organise your order of the best treats for your pooch patrons.

Thank you – Jaclyn (aka Aunty Jac), Peppe and the Team at Modern Dog Emporium