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Canine Café Chewys delivered to your door!

Canine Café Chewys delivered to your door!

Special offer – limited time only!

We’ve got your pooch covered with Canine Café Chewys delivered to your door!

We want to make sure that buying treats for pets is fast, convenient and easy.  Our shipping service is a great option for pets and families to get fresh supplies of their favourite, healthy dog treats, delivered right to their doorstep.

Our vegan dog treats meet the highest quality standards and testing. You can be assured that our dog treats will arrive at your door fresh and jam-packed, full of goodness for your four-legged friend.

Contact our customer service team today to order a customised pouch of dog treats – your dog will totally love you for it.

Delivery options available Australia-wide

Healthy paw friends are our priority!

Our treats are great for your doggo. Many of our canine customers have specific dietary requirements, so we created a guilt-free, healthy treat for the modern dog.  Our Canine Café Chewys made with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, making them ideal for dogs with animal protein and gluten intolerances! Our formula is low in fat, gluten-free and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Canine Café Chewys designed in the shape of a dental stick and is the perfect shape for canine teeth.

It’s all in the ingredients

Canine Café Chewys provide four-legged friends with the very best, plant-based healthy dog treats. We know that every dog deserves the very best nutrition, which is why our chewys are suitable for dogs of all ages and dietary requirements. Made with premium ingredients, our nutritional dogs treats are a great tasting healthy indulgence for any pooch.

A single dog chew contains:

  • Anti-oxidant berries (including super fruit Acai)
  • Enriched with vitamins with a selection of vitamins especially chosen for their health benefits
  • Low-fat and gluten-free (gf)s

Fantastic flavour with plenty of appeal

When it comes to a premium dog treat, taste is a big consideration! Each Canine Café Chewy treat is infused with real vegetables and enriched with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidant super fruit berries. So much wholesome goodness in one palatable treat! These tempting treats are likely to appeal to the most fastidious dog palette. These treats are suitable for all dog sizes. They are big enough to satisfy a larger dog, and specifically shaped so smaller jaws can also enjoy them.

Dogs love our plant-based dental sticks

Our premium Canine Café Chewys treats are also a dental hygiene aid. Wholesome and nutritious, these longer-lasting, high-quality treats help canines keep their teeth in great shape!

Take advantage of this special offer today

Contact our friendly customer service team on 0408 686 341 to order your supply of Canine Café Chewys delivered to your door!