For these specialised products we only sell to Cafes and other Dog Friendly Venues

Dog Treats for Pet Friendly Venues

Dog Treats for Pet Friendly Venues

Our premium Canine Café & Bar Chewys provide complimentary nutrition and are also a dental hygiene aid. Wholesome and nutritious, these longer-lasting, high-quality treats are great for all canine customers. Our plant-based dog treats for Cafés & Hotels are only available wholesale to dog-friendly cafés, hotels, bars, breweries, wineries or similar establishments.


Illustration of a few dogs sitting outside a cafe enjoy some Canine Café & Bar Chewy treatsCanine Café & Bar Chewys for Dog Friendly Cafés & Venues

Proprietors of thriving cafés and venues are leading the way in providing their two and four-legged customers with the very best, plant-based, healthy dog treats. We know that every dog deserves the very best nutrition, which is why our chewys are suitable for dogs of all ages and dietary requirements. Made with premium ingredients, our nutritional dog treats are a great tasting healthy indulgence for any pooch. Here’s why we’re barking mad with excitement about our high-quality café-styled doggy dental sticks for dog-friendly venues.


Ingredients chosen for optimal health and well-being

Many of our canine customers have specific dietary requirements, so we created a guilt-free, healthy treat for the modern dog. Our Canine Café & Bar Chewys are made with plant-based, gluten-free ingredients, making them ideal for dogs with animal protein and gluten intolerances. Like humans, dogs can put on weight if they’re overfed the wrong food!

Our formula is low in fat and gluten-free, and enriched with vitamins and minerals. Our chewys are designed in the shape of a dental stick and are in the perfect condition for canine teeth.

They are individually wrapped for the café canine! Image of Modern Dog Emporiums Canine Café & Bar Chewy treat

Each Canine Café & Bar Chewy is carefully packaged in an individual wrapper to maintain freshness and optimal flavour. The treats are hygienically sealed for use in a retail environment. Hygienic products equate to happy customers. Individual packaging keeps the treat concealed and fresh until your dog’s ready to eat it. The beautiful branding offers a tasteful aesthetic addition to any café display. Canine Café & Bar Chewys are a shelf-stable product that doesn’t require refrigeration. Our individually wrapped chewys also carry Best Before dates.

Fantastic flavour with plenty of appeal

When it comes to a premium dog treat, taste is a big consideration! Each Canine Café & Bar Chewy treat is infused with real vegetables and enriched with vitamins, minerals and antioxidant super fruit berries. There is so much wholesome goodness in one palatable treat! These tempting treats are likely to appeal to the most fastidious dog palette. These treats are suitable for all dog sizes. They are big enough to satisfy a larger dog and specifically shaped so smaller jaws can also enjoy them.

Lose the dog breath.

Nobody wants dog breath! Poorly maintained teeth and tartar build-up are some fundamental causes of bad breath. Canine Café & Bar Chewys are a longer-lasting treat that takes time to chew. Chewing on these meat-free treats helps to remove plaque and tartar. The added bonus is the plant-based ingredients don’t leave an unpleasant odour, eliminating dog breath.

Designed for café, hotel & pet-friendly environments

Our Café dog treats are designed to last longer than standard biscuits. Not only does this mean they offer better value, but it also enables the café canine to remain amused for longer while positively impacting dental hygiene.

Antioxidant ingredients

Canine Café & Bar Chewys are perfect for your dog! All the ingredients are impeccably sourced and made in Australia with strong quality control.

A single dog treat contains:

  • Antioxidant berries (including superfruit Acai)
  • Enriched with vitamins with a selection of vitamins especially chosen for their health benefits
  • Low-fat and gluten-free (gf)s

Dogs love our plant-based dental sticks

We welcome enquiries from any business that wishes to purchase our products and look forward to adding your café/venue to our locators. We also naturally network your business via our social platforms and community by featuring your venue in a start-up slideshow on social media.

To find out more about our wholesale dog treats for Cafés and venues, please contact Modern Dog Emporium’s friendly customer care team on 0408 686 341 or login/register for access to our shop and buy online!