For these specialised products we only sell to Cafes and other Dog Friendly Venues

Canine Café Chewys for Café Woofers

Canine Café Chewys for Café Woofers

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

To our Dog-Friendly Cafés,

High paws to you for putting out the welcome mat and a nice cool drink of water for us. We can’t thank you enough.

Modern Dog Emporium is bringing Canine Café Chewys Australia-wide and we’d love to add you to our Café Locators on our website & Instagram account. Have a peek and see our awesome venues stocking Canine Café & Bar Chewys. We sure are lucky.

Also, check out our pawsome Paw Print Stamp of Approval Dog-Friendly Venue sign and Canine Canine Café & Bar Chewys Loyalty Card.

Happy chewing


Peppe x