For these specialised products we only sell to Cafes and other Dog Friendly Venues

The goodness of Canine Café Chewys

The goodness of Canine Café Chewys

Posted on Jun 19, 2018

What’s good about Canine Café Chewys?

Well, apart from being designed just for us to enjoy when hanging out in Cafés with our awesome pet parents, the ingredients are good for those pooches with sensitivity to gluten or animal protein plus they are low in fat and good for our teeth.

Canine Café Chewys are: 

  • Individually wrapped for the cafe canine
  • Low in Fat and gluten and meat free
  • Infused with real vegetables for an irresistible flavour and individually wrapped for freshness
  • Helps assist in the maintenance of good dental hygiene by helping reduce bad breath and tartar build up
  • Now Boosted with Vitamins, Minerals and Superfruit anti-oxidant berries including Acai

So get chewing mates…                                     Love from Peppe, your proud Ambassador of Modern Dog Emporium