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Woofer Of The Week Competition

Woofer Of The Week Competition

Posted on Jul 21, 2020

Hey Furry Friends & Family

What an exciting competition it was with my Woofer of the Week Giveaway. We would like to thank all the gorgeous entrants for your lovely furry faces brightening up our IG and Facebook pages, putting smiles on dials and bringing joy to the hearts of our canine community.  My favourite part in this gig was practising chasing the balls down the hall and of course, my adrenalin when doing the final draw was going through the roof. I’ve never had that many balls to choose from but as a true pawfessional, I fulfilled, the brief and retrieved one ball only with a number on it. The lucky ball was  No. 5,  matching the Woofer of the Week No. 5 post. Check out the draw of the ball at the bottom of the post! Our lucky winners Isla and Finley were going barking mad and drooling with the mere thought of those chewys coming to them and barked out extra loud to their mates Gnocchi,  Mochi and Mashiro, letting them know they will also be receiving a box of Canine Café Chewys and a feature on our IG. They would have been doing zoomies for sure and making promises that they will be particularly nice to the postman when they arrive.

As Modern Dog Emporium’s Ambassador, I am proud to tell you that we are Australian Made and Owned offering Canine Café Chewys and Hotel Hound Stix as the best treats ever. They are really yummy to eat and good for our teeth. Plant-based, gluten-free, low-fat dental sticks and to top it off, they’ve got vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We were able to offer our chewys to woofers working from home with their pet parents during this tricky time. We will continue to supply our dog-friendly venues so please check our highlights and website for cafes near you with more to add as we continue to grow Australia-wide. These pawsome venues have their welcome mat out for you so let’s give them our support as they have been working extra hard to keep us fuelled and nourished during such challenging times. The hum is coffee for me and a chewy for my dog, please.

Stay well, stay safe, spread the love, not the virus.

Yours truly, Peppe ~ Modern Dog Emporium Ambassador, Ball Chaser & Sun Lover.


Isla and Finley – @isla.and.finley.samoyed

Gnocchi – @gnocchi_thecocker

Mochi & Mashiro – @mochi_little_paw

Modern Dog Emporium is bringing Canine Café Chewys Australia-wide and we’d love to add you to our Café Locators on our website & Instagram account. Have a peek and see our awesome venues stocking Canine Café & Bar Chewys. We sure are lucky.

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